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Natural Stone Slabs

When the world’s most unique and beautiful stone is quarried, Modul is the first on our suppliers’ list as the importer of choice. We understand the importance of a statement, and we source only the highest quality stone from our partners around the globe.

Modul Marble’s Slabs From Natural Stone

Enjoy beauty and durability in perfect harmony with exquisite natural stone slabs for sale from Modul Marble. Enhance your home’s features with the exotic patterns of quartzite or ever-popular and durable granite. With its pronounced veining, marble adds a unique flare to any environment, while soapstone is smooth to the touch.

Modul Marble offers the world’s best blocks of carefully sourced stone, so you can select natural stone products that suit your style. Whether you want an exquisite natural stone slab for flooring or countertops, we can help you find the perfect slab to bring your vision to life.


Why Opt for Natural Stone From Modul Marble?

Select a slab from Modul Marble for your next project and enjoy an array of benefits. Our slabs offer:

  • A polished look: Modul Marble offers large natural stone slabs to reduce the seams on countertops and other accents for a cleaner, polished look.
  • A durable design: Expect superior craftsmanship from our natural stone slabs. These slabs are made to last and keep their beauty over time.
  • An on-trend aesthetic: Our stone products offer a classic yet contemporary look with intricate natural patterns and various finishes. You can add bold colors to your designs or book-matched statement pieces. Alternatively, mix and match different natural stones to create contrast and visual interest.
  • A versatile selection: Natural stone slabs come in an array of colors and patterns, and although carefully curated, we offer a large variety of stone slabs for sale to match your design needs.



  • One of the hardest substances in the world
  • Resistant to heat/cold, abrasions, scratches, and almost all chemicals commonly found in the home
  • Virtually maintenance-free with simple proper care
  • Recommend sealing upon installation and every year thereafter
  • Looks and feels permanent and substantial
  • Lasts a lifetime



  • Classic, elegant, upscale aesthetic
  • Available in a wide variety of colors
  • Heat-resistant
  • Can fairly easily scratch, etch, or stain if not properly cared for
  • Recommend sealing after installation and every year thereafter
  • Use only pH-neutral and non-abrasive cleaning products
  • Minimize exposure to acidic solutions including lemon juice, tomatoes, or vinegar



  • Incredibly low-maintenance, develops a beautiful patina over time
  • Heat- and stain-resistant
  • Offers unique soft color with light flowing veins
  • Easier to cut and shape than marble or granite, so joints can be made inconspicuous
  • Denser than granite, completely non-porous
  • Use mineral oil to enhance beauty instead of a sealer
  • Chemically inert – won’t react to acidic substances
  • High talc content means it’s softer than other stones, but scratches can be easily repaired by sanding slightly with fine-grit sandpaper and applying a light coat of mineral oil



  • Heat-, scratch- and stain-resistant and super durable with simple, proper care and cleaning
  • Looks and feels permanent and substantial
  • Lasts a lifetime
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Harder than granite
  • Chemical-resistant


Care and Use

Maintain stone with these steps:

  • Clean up spills immediately with an absorbent cloth then use a natural stone cleaner.
  • Place hot pots and pans on trivets.
  • Cut on a cutting board instead of on the stone.
  • Avoid stains and spills by using coasters and placemats.


Add Natural Stone Slabs to Various Environments

Our distinctive slabs find application in any project. Have a look at our inspiration page to see how our products feature in various settings. You can incorporate natural stone accents in:


From washbasins to vanity tops, adorn bathrooms with elegant natural stone. Our extensive and distinctive slabs also work well for showers.


We offer exquisite stone countertops for sale. Our selection of slabs makes functional countertops that also look marvelous. Our marble slabs add elegance to a kitchen, while our granite and quartzite natural stone countertops offer durability.

Wall and Flooring Coverings

Modul Marble offers stone flooring for sale. You can also use our natural stone slabs to clad walls, which offer an eye-catching statement piece in any interior.


About Modul Marble

Modul Marble has been sourcing exquisite natural stone slabs around the globe since 1989. With a large inventory, we offer unlimited design flexibility to create a unique statement piece. Whether you want stone countertops or an exquisite wall feature, Module Marble’s team is ready to meet your unique needs.


Browse Our Catalogue of Natural Stone Slabs

Have a look at our live inventory to marvel at nature’s masterpieces and find stone slabs for sale for your next project. If you have any questions about our natural stone slab products, feel free to reach out to us online. Our friendly staff is readily available to answer any questions you might have.


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