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Soapstone Slabs

Include soapstone in your design if you envision a sophisticated feel for your next project. This stone's blue, black and grey shades add elegance to any environment, and its exquisite color swirls make each slab unique. Soapstone gets its name from its soft, soapy feel, and these slabs are elegant, lovely to touch and versatile. The durable slabs find application in various indoor and outdoor projects — always adding a charming touch.

Select a Soapstone Slab From Modul Marble

Modul Marble has been sourcing high-end natural slabs since 1989. Our experienced team has an eye for quality and beauty, and we carefully select each soapstone slab to offer products that elevate environments and withstand everyday rigors. Although we take care to choose the best of nature’s chic materials, we still offer an extensive collection of soapstone products, so you can find a slab that complements your style.

Our partners from around the world exhibit masterful craftsmanship to provide you with premium soapstone slabs. We offer large pieces to minimize seams for a smooth, clean end result.


Why Install Soapstone Slabs?

Soapstone is a popular choice for kitchen applications, fireplaces and more. These slabs beautify spaces and are also a practical choice — simplifying your lifestyle. Soapstone slabs:

  • Are nonporous: Soapstone is dense, with no cracks or holes where liquids can seep through. The nonporous surface safeguards the material from stains and keeps environments hygienic, as the stone does not harbor contaminants and germs.
  • Age gracefully: Unlike other surfaces that need more maintenance and perhaps replacements over time, soapstone ages gracefully. Through daily use, these surfaces develop a charming natural sheen.
  • Are heat-resistant: Soapstone is perfect for kitchen applications, as you can place hot pots and pans near the surface without worrying about heat-related cracking.
  • Offer a seamless look: Soapstone is easier to cut and shape than some other natural stones, allowing for smooth, unnoticeable joints.

Design Breathtaking and Functional Spaces

Incorporate a grey or black soapstone slab in your interior design or architectural project for a classic yet on-trend look. These slabs have various applications, including:


Enjoy beautiful and practical soapstone countertops that withstand wine, coffee and other spills, as well as extreme heat. The non-porous surface makes soapstone weatherproof, allowing you to use these slabs for outdoor kitchens, too.

Wall and Floor Coverings

Soapstone tiles can retain heat, and when combined with an in-floor heat system, they warm rooms wonderfully. Soapstone floor tiles also work well for sauna rooms and bathrooms, as they do not absorb water or become slippery. The wonderfully soft feel of soapstone tiles under your feet is an added bonus. Alternatively, use this material for backsplashes to set the mood of interior spaces.


You can use soapstone for elegant shower floors and vanity tops.


A soapstone fireplace is a common yet exquisite application of this natural stone. These eye-catching fireplaces absorb, store and radiate heat well.

Browse Our Soapstone Slab Collection Today

Find the perfect slab for your next interior design or architectural project by browsing our live inventory of soapstone for sale. Alternatively, visit our showroom in Sun Valley, Los Angeles. If you have any questions about our soapstone offerings or would like to inquire about a specific slab, please reach out to our friendly team online.