Infinity Surfaces

Discover Modul Marble's Infinity Surfaces - premium Italian porcelain products that offer a stunning range of contemporary hues and stylish designs to bring your dream project to life. Achieve your desired look without compromising on durability or maintenance. Plus, we can produce more tiles in a specific color as needed, ensuring you have everything for your project.

Orobico Luxe


Manufacturer: Infinity – The Engineered Surface

The Orobico Luxe porcelain slab has structural, aesthetic and functional characteristics that make it a unique option for furnishings and indoor and outdoor floor, countertop and wall coverings.

Infinity slabs are resistant to wear and tear and scratches, and are easy to clean. As the years pass, they do not show the unattractive signs of wear typical of resins or other natural materials, and are not affected by heat or acids.

Slab size: 63.5″x127.5″

Finish: Polished

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